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J-J Hooks Highway Safety Barriers

J-J Hooks Precast Concrete Barriers serve a number of duties including highway medians, property security and crowd control. Originally developed and patented by the Smith-Midland Corporation in 1990, J-J Hooks licensed producers have sold over 12 million linear feet of this "lowest-cost-to-produce" precast concrete barrier. Available for free-standing, bolted or pinned applications.

The J-J Hooks connection consists of two identical steel J-shaped hooks, which are cast into the barrier, creating a continuous steel connection. To attach the barrier ends, one barrier is lowered vertically next to an adjacent barrier. With minimal guidance, the self-aligning connection automatically “hooks” into place. Workers don’t need to endanger their hands by having them in between barriers during the connection process. The NCHRP 350 and MASH barrier designs connect directly to each other.

  • Free-standing, Bolted or Pinned installations
  • MASH TL3 and NCHRP-350 TL3 Tested
  • Self-aligning - automatically "hooks" into place
  • Only system with Identical Ends
  • Straight Vertical Lift for easier installation and removal
  • Improved Worker Safety, no hands between barrier
  • Lowest Cost-To-Produce barrier in the industry
  • Fastest Setting Times of any system available
  • Lowest Installation Costs
  • No loose connection hardware
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  J-J Hooks Highway Barrier Connection System J-J Hooks Highway Barrier Connection System J-J Hooks Highway Barrier Connection System