Virginia Plant - Corporate Office

Aerial shot of the Smith Midland plant

50 acres, 59,000 square feet under roof

VP of Operations: Brandon Duffel
VP of Sales and Marketing: Matthew Smith
VP of Project Management: Steve Demas

North Carolina Plant

Smith-Carolina's new plant, overhead shot

46 acres, 15,000 square feet under roof

General Manager: Roderick Smith
Production Manager: Scott Chambers

South Carolina Plant

Overhead shot of Smith Columbia's plant

39 acres, 29,000 square feet under roof

General Manager: Scott Hicks

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Safety Barrier Rental Division

Concrete Safety Systems installing barriers in Annapolis

Concrete Safety Systems has been renting safety barrier for construction zones and providing logistics for secured events since 1977. We are experts at barrier logistics and installation with a proven track record of working with the nation’s top contractors and security organizations.

Learn more at www.ConcreteSafetySystems.com

President: Matthew Smith

Product Licensing Division

Easi-Set Worldwide precast product licensing meeting

Easi-Set Worldwide licenses precast concrete products for manufacture. An industry leader, Easi-Set licenses the award-winning products developed by the Smith-Midland Corporation. These product lines are among the most successful in the precast concrete industry. Easi-Set works with precasters to identify the best product line(s) to fit their market and production capabilities. This allows precasters to increase manufacturing efficiency, marketability, and growth potential.

Learn more at www.EasiSet.com

President: Art Miles

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