J-J Hooks Barrier

J-J Hooks: No Better Barrier System for Traffic and Crowd Control

J-J Hooks used as security barriers

Isolated product shot of J-J Hooks Barriers

J-J Hooks are used for the following applications:

  • Road Construction – Protect workers and vehicle passengers
  • Traffic Safety – Create safety zones within potentially dangerous traffic patterns or damaged infrastructure
  • Event Security and Crowd Control – Control vehicular and pedestrian traffic for major events, conferences, and concerts
  • Property Security – Provide protection for utility plants, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, government installations, and other areas such as foundations, propane tanks, etc.

The J-Hook Connection

The J-J Hooks connection consists of two identical steel J-shaped hooks, which are cast into the barrier, creating a continuous steel connection. With identical end connections there is no need to worry about turning the barrier when installing. To attach the barrier ends, one barrier is lowered vertically next to an adjacent barrier. With minimal guidance, the self-aligning connection automatically “hooks” into place. Workers don’t need to endanger their hands by inserting them between barriers to makes connection.

J-J Hooks connection diagram

J-J Hooks barriers being connected by hand

  • The only concrete barrier system with no pins, bolts or loose hardware that meets and exceeds the MASH Test Level 3 requirements
  • Self-aligning – barriers automatically hook into place
  • Identical ends allow you to turn the barrier end-for-end
  • Fastest setting times and lowest installation costs
  • Vertical lift simplifies installation and removal; one barrier can be removed without disturbing adjacent barriers
  • Requires smaller installation crew
  • No loose hardware eliminates replacement costs for rusted nuts and lost bolts
  • The easy connection improves safety; no reaching between barrier segments during placement
  • Tight radius ability
  • Fastest install/remove design has theft-proof connection
  • No loss of structural integrity or security breach due to lost or stolen hardware
  • Theft-proof connection means no missing or stolen pins and no loose hardware
  • Self-aligning connection means there is no need to “jostle” barrier when installing or removing pins that bind in other systems
  • With J-J Hooks connection, a three-person crew can install more than one mile of barrier in eight hours.

Concrete Safety Systems logoConcrete Safety Barrier Rentals

While our barriers are top-of-the-line for purchase, in many cases renting is the best approach, whether for temporary traffic pattern changes during road construction, rerouting people and vehicles for major events like the Super Bowl, or crowd control for special events such as national political conventions. To meet this demand, we launched Concrete Safety Systems, which offers a one-call-does-it-all service that includes delivery, installation and pick-up. With a massive stock of reflective white barriers and an expert crew, we’re ready to start setting barrier almost immediately. We install highway safety barrier, security barrier, barrier with security fence, and J-J Hooks planters for all your temporary and permanent requirements.

For information on rental barrier visit our rental division, Concrete Safety Systems.

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“We’ve been extremely pleased with J-J Hooks … barriers are not a male-female system like some of the others … more versatility is built in which often allows less planning and less labor during traffic switches to ensure the barrier is configured correctly … some of the other positive connection barrier systems bind up during placement and removal often causing damage to the wall – the J-J Hooks system seldom does.”

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