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A long-lasting value option for hospitality projects

Embassy Suites, Berekley Heights, NJ

embassy suites smith midland slenderwall

• Details: 52,671 square feet of SlenderWall panels with R-21 closed-cell foam insulation.

• Finish: Two-tone light and dark tan colored acid-washed precast concrete panels.

• Architect: PFVS Architecture

• Owner: Connell Hospitality

• Contractor: Tocci Construction

embassy suites smith midland slenderwall

After researching several envelope products, Connell and their architecture firm PFVS ultimately entrusted the SlenderWall Architectural Precast Concrete System to clad their showcase building. The contractor on the project, Tocci Building Companies enlisted SlenderWall’s Mid-Atlantic licensed producer Smith-Midland with the manufacturing and erection.

The 396 (52,671 square feet) smooth, two-tone light/dark gray acid washed precast concrete panels enveloping the eight-story hotel mimicked a much more expensive natural stone finish. The result was not only cost-effective but complements the style and amenities envisioned by the design and development teams.

"We are glad that hotel owners see the benefit of using a long-lasting, durable envelope for their projects," said Matthew Smith, Smith-Midland’s Vice President. "Their headaches with maintenance and replacing the exteriors goes away."

embassy suites smith midland slenderwall

The benefit of choosing SlenderWall

The developer, architect, and contractor searched for a product to enclose the $39,500,000 structure that would not only hit budgetary targets but would also meet their desires for longevity, lessening of on-going maintenance, and risk mitigation, as well as increasing the speed of construction.

Cost-efficient, durable, and known for its long life span – with no failure issues – SlenderWall offered a wide variety of design and finish options, and provided a very viable alternative to traditional EFIS construction used by many hotel chains.

"By using SlenderWall and its cost-effective combination of durable architectural precast concrete, steel stud wall framing, and closed-cell spray foam insulation integral to the panel," said Chris Grogan, Business Development Manager, Smith-Midland, "the project was able to reduce both the on-site trade work required and the overall project schedule."

“SlenderWall provided the solution Connell was looking for,” stated Matthew Smith, Smith-Midland’s Vice President.

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