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A Word from the World's Largest Manufacturer of Cattleguards

Precast Concrete CattleguardThe Cattleguard was originally developed by farmers who couldn't afford to take the time to stop their vehicles, get out and open and shut farm gates. A good cattleguard will eliminate this problem for a lifetime.

Our cattleguard is precast in one piece and weighs more than six thousand pounds. It will hold up even under the heaviest loads and frequent crossings. Its built-in footing eliminates extra construction expenditures for installation. The preparation necessary for a cattleguard is to dig a hole 7½' W by 6" deep and cover the bottom of the hole with about 2" of gravel or sand. We deliver and set the cattleguard in place for you. Usually the total job takes less than two hours from start to finish. Our placement know-how will be of great value to you.

For Your Farm or Driveway

Save a lifetime of gate opening with our one-piece, steel-reinforced precast concrete Smith-Cattleguard®

Make any gateway on your farm convenient for use with a permanently constructed, one-piece cattleguard that needs no maintenance or repair and is built to withstand constant use by farm machinery and heavy trucks. Our cattleguard, featuring round top rails and built-in footing for extra depth, requires no additional construction and can be installed in two hours of less. After 30 years of experience and over 20,000 installations in 40 states, we are offering what is generally considered to be the finest cattleguard money can buy. Because we keep a large inventory, we can offer you immediate delivery.

The Smith-Cattleguard has been approved for use on state roads in Virginia and many other states.


  • Width
  • Cross Width
  • Depth
  • Weight
  • Rails
  • Steel Reinforcing
  • 12, 14, and 16 feet*
  • 6 1/2 feet*
  • 12 inches
  • 6,000, 6,800, and 7,200 pounds
  • 3 inches width with 5 inch spacing
  • 350 feet of 1/2 inch reinforcing rod

* Width and Cross Width dimensions are nominal.
Exact dimensions available upon request.

Cattleguard Installation

Typical Excavation Before Cattleguard Installation.


Dig 7 1/2' x 13' for 12' guard, 7 1/2' x 15' for 14' guard or 7 1/2' x 17' for 16' guard. Depth may be varied according to conditions. Example: A normal level farm lane would require 6" depth with 2" of gravel. In rough conditions, such as at the bottom of a hill or a muddy road, you may set the cattleguard on top of the road and build up to it. Generally, the higher the cattleguard the better. When digging, place the dirt on each side of the excavation in the roadway.

Cattleguard Installed With Grading Complete.


After guard is set, use excavation dirt to build up on each side of the guard. Then cover the dirt with fresh gravel.