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Smith-Midland hits 1,000,000 sq. ft. of installed SoftSound

The just completed Princess Anne Road project brings Smith-Midland’s total SoftSound (sound absorptive noise wall) manufactured, delivered and installed to over one million square feet in less than 4 years. Princess Anne Road is a small, but important project. The wall, located along a residential neighborhood in Virginia Beach, VA, was designed and finished to match the brick and mortar of the nearby VA Beach Municipal Center. Construction of the 650-foot long project consisted of 9,000+ square feet of 8’ x 16’ panels with accompanying precast posts.

The success of the Princess Anne Road plus other previous SoftSound jobs has led to winning another SoftSound project in Virginia Beach. Beginning in 2012, SMC will manufacture over 100,000 square feet of SoftSound panels for a 1.5 mile project on the Nimmo Parkway. These panels will be among the first to incorporate the new Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) landscape design motifs. Special form liners have been developed depicting seashore, farmland, mountain and other signature Virginia landscapes. A successful test of the SoftSound aggregate and a new form liner design was completed in early May, 2012 and accepted by VDOT.