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Smith-Midland hosts Clark Builders Group

Smith Midland ClarkBuildersGroup sm

MIDLAND, Va. – On July 9th, a group of 11 summer interns and seasoned veterans from the Clark Builders Group Building Company (CBG) visited the Midland, Virginia precast concrete plant location of the Smith-Midland Corporation (SMC). They are part of CBG’s ongoing educational program and represented both their Virginia and Maryland offices. The interns that participated are from VA Tech, VMI, and Towson University and are studying building construction, mechanical engineering, and project management.

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Smith-Midland Employees Recognized as Master Precasters

GoldHardHat 825x510

Two Smith-Midland employees have been recognized in March 2016 by the National Precast Concrete Association’s (NPCA) as Master Precasters. NPCA chairman Andy Weiser presented this honor to Alan Pritchard and Eduardo Roland at the National Precast Show in Nashville Tennessee in March of 2016. Pritchard and Roland are part of Smith-Midland’s Quality Control organization. Their accomplishments show that the individual dedication and competency of Smith-Midland employees are a critical reason for Smith-Midland’s success and leadership in the precast concrete industry.

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How Smith-Midland Streamlines the Design & Build Process

smith midland design process

The building process can’t begin without the design process. The architect works with the client, asking what the use of the structure will be, who will be using the facility, and what they want the building to look like. Then they move to budget. The client typically starts with the Taj Mahal, leading the architect to take the client down the path of materials’ cost realization. A university client may envision a beautiful limestone building to house the prestigious engineering department, matched to the limestone structures built on campus 80 years ago, but modern in its interior design and construction. This same client will envision the conversation they will have with their boss if they commission this structure to actually be built in costly limestone.

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Smith-Midland Receives Accredited Certification

Smith-Midland continues to improve the service and quality at our Virginia plant. Through a recent certification that ensures continuing quality, coupled with the deployment of process control tablets to the shop floor, we are more responsive than ever to our customers’ needs. Smith-Midland supplies not only a solid product, but we supply the confidence that allows you to take the guesswork out of the quality of concrete employed in your construction projects.

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Precast Concrete Agricultural Products That Deliver

Smith Midland feed bunks

For many who work in the agricultural industry, success often depends on the proper care of livestock. To meet these needs, the industry requires safe, sturdy, and easily deployable equipment. Smith-Midland’s production excellence is based on a thorough understanding of precast concrete technology. And, with decades of experience in the agricultural industry, Smith-Midland offers a wide variety of products especially designed for industry-specific needs. Smith-Midland agricultural products are durable, off quick setup, safe for livestock, and have been deployed in 40 states.

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Bringing Peace and Quiet to a Neighborhood near You

SoftSound Middlebrook subdivison Smith Midland

Sprawling highways and interstate roads stretch across the United States like a complicated network of veins, allowing for the circulation of people and products over millions of square miles. This massive transportation system has helped facilitate an almost unparalleled expansion of commerce.

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Smith-Midland achieves Silver Status in annual ABC Safety Award program

ABC Metro Washington Chapter Safety Awards - Recognizing Safety Performance

MIDLAND, Va. – Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC) has awarded Smith-Midland Corporation with the Silver Level of Achievement Safety Training and Evaluation Process (STEP) Award for 2015. The STEP Awards recognize companies for their meritorious safety performance in a given year. The award winners are determined using safety factor calculations that incorporate data from Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) reports and require companies to have extensive programs covering personnel training, on-the-job performance, documentation and evaluations.Smith Midland ABC safety award copy

STEP was established in 1989 by the ABC National Environment, Health & Safety Committee to assist ABC members in evaluating and improving corporate safety practices and to recognize outstanding safety training efforts. Each year, over 2,000 contractors of various sizes participate in the STEP program.

The STEP awards are granted by based on submitted applications. The awards are based on 20 key elements of a contractor’s safety program that includes safety policies, employee commitment and training, management commitment and budgeting.

The awards were presented at a special luncheon and ceremony held on June 30th. Accepting the award on behalf of all the Smith-Midland associations was Chet Gnagey, Environmental Health & Safety Manager.

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Smith-Midland hires Engineering Manager to Support Company’s Manufacturing & Engineering Best Practices

Midland, VA – April 9, 2015 – Smith-Midland Corporation (OTCQB: SMID)

Smith-Midland has hired Amit Tilak to provide leadership and technical expertise to all engineering functions within the major precast concrete producer’s business. Mr. Tilak will also support Smith-Midland’s product licensing subsidiary, Easi-Set Worldwide and its Easi-Set licensed producers through product development and design development support on Easi-Set projects. Mr. Tilak brings more than eight years of design experience in the construction industry for commercial, industrial and residential developments to his role as Engineering Manager. Mr. Tilak began his work with Smith-Midland on March 1.

As Engineering Manager, Mr. Tilak will oversee major projects for Smith-Midland, from beginning project coordination meetings to final project completion – insuring timely engineering, procurement, manufacturing, delivery, and installation for clients across product and market segments. Mr. Tilak will monitor and control costs to maintain profitability goals; provide leadership within the engineering culture of the company; and focus on lean manufacturing practices. The adoption of lean manufacturing practices within the company enable Smith-Midland to provide the highest quality products and services at the lowest cost to its customers, in the shortest time and in the safest manner possible.

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Smith-Midland Corporation Launches Corporate Video

Midland, VA – January 15, 2015 – Smith-Midland Corporation (OTCQB: SMID) –

Entering its 55th year in business, the Smith-Midland Corporation celebrates its growth and product line expansion with the launch of a video marketing campaign. In an effort to heighten global awareness of its ongoing corporate innovation, high-quality service offerings and various product lines, this week Smith-Midland launched the first of a series of videos giving an inside look at the company.

This first video was produced for the purposes of introducing Smith-Midland’s achievements in innovation, strong corporate culture and expanding product offerings, and may be viewed here: Additional videos are planned and will highlight each product line and marketplace in detail, including Easi-Set Buildings™, Slender Wall Cladding ™, JJ Hooks™, Soft Sound™ and Beach Prisms™.

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Smith-Midland Corporation Appoints Local CPA as Accounting Manager

Midland, VA – December 15, 2014 – Smith-Midland Corporation (OTCQB: SMID) –
Maintaining a high-level of integrity in financial services, reporting and accounting practices, Smith-Midland has hired AJ Krick as Accounting Manager. Mr. Krick brings a decade of experience as a licensed Certified Public Accountant and controller, guiding organizations through fiscal growth and regulation. Mr. Krick historically has improved financial reporting, processes and internal controls to help organizations reach optimal efficiency.

Smith-Midland remains focused on lean manufacturing practices, which benefit its customers by providing the highest quality products and services at the lowest cost to the customer, in the shortest time and in the safest manner possible. Mr. Krick's role as Accounting Manager brings to bear many opportunities to uphold these lean manufacturing processes within fiscal services.

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Smith-Midland Launches New Website - Consolidates Subsidiaries, Provides Exceptional User Experience

MIDLAND, VA - Smith-Midland Corporation (OTCQB: SMID) has launched a new website that has consolidated all 18 product lines into one easy to navigate online platform. The site also serves the savvy investor by prominently displaying the companies governance and financial information including all of its wholly-owned subsidiaries.

Dale Neal, Creative Director at Midland Advertising, comments, “We are excited to have all of our subsidiaries under one platform. This new site provides users the ability to view specifications on hundreds of products in an organized manner.”

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