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Easi-Set precast concrete buildings chosen again for New Braunfels Utilities' substation projects

Easi-Span Building

MIDLAND, Va. – New Braunfels Utility (NBU) recently took delivery of the first of two Easi-Set precast concrete buildings purchased from Lonestar Prestress Mfg., Inc (LPMI) located in Houston, TX. Both buildings, which are engineered to withstand 140 mph winds, will house relay and control panels, standby batteries and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) equipment. The integrity of the Easi-Set buildings is expected to provide enhanced stability for the substation controls while giving NBU additional 138KV exits.

NBU was first introduced to Easi-Set buildings in 2003 when they were evaluating possible replacement structures for an existing metal substation building. The deteriorating structure was in need of replacement according to Jim Williams, NBU substation supervisor.  After extensive study, NBU selected a 24x40x12 Easi-Set precast concrete building for that initial project. The buildings are constructed from 6000 psi steel reinforced concrete and provide customers with a maintenance free, water tight enclosure. They have an expected life span of 50+ years and can be erected in less than a week’s time, not to mention the fact that they are UL level four bullet tested.  “We were attracted to the fact that the buildings are maintenance free, provide a fortified setting for our vital infrastructure and are affordable,” Williams said.

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SMC Receives Outstanding Sales Achievement Award


MIDLAND, Va. – Smith-Midland Corporation has been recognized as the leader in outstanding sales for the highest number of Easi-Set and Easi-Span Buildings sold in 2007.

The announcement was made at the Annual Easi-Set Building Producers Seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada, on November 8.  The award was accepted by Wayne Smith, Building Territory Manager, for Smith-Midland Corporation.

By the end of 2007, Smith-Midland Corporation will have sold 112 Easi-Set and Easi-Span buildings totaling $1,937,000.

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Virginia Beach Military Facility Features Smith-Midland Easi-Set Buildings


MIDLAND, Va. – Smith-Midland Corp., manufacturer of the Easi-Set buildings, Announces its involvement in a major Department of Defense project at a secured military facility in the area of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

According to Wayne Smith, Territory Manager for building sales at Smith-Midland, the initial request was for a quote on one structure.  It was through subsequent negotiations with the procurement officer on behalf of the purchaser, nine additional 10’ x 12 Easi-Set buildings were purchased.  Ongoing communication resulted in the order being increased to a total of 30 buildings.  The final value of the order grew from nearly $10,000 to a phenomenal $300,000.

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Easi-Set Buildings Stand Above the Alternatives in Flood Area


MIDLAND, Va. – With torrential rains making headlines across the country over the summer, many in public works sector have been confronted with the flooding of key infrastructure. For the rest, these events provide a wake up call: flooding can happen anywhere, and can happen in the blink of an eye.

Officials working at refineries, petrochemical plants and in public works in the Houston area have also had to consider the possible effects of wind, along with the floodwaters. Several recent projects highlight their efforts to safeguard their public works infrastructure from the ravaging effects of flood waters, resulting from tropical weather or otherwise.; Projects at the City of Houston Simms Bayou waste water treatment plant and the Enterprise gas pumping station demonstrate officials’ commitment to keeping infrastructure up and running, even in the worst of weather conditions.

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Easi-Set Industries Introduces New Restroom Series

Precast Concrete Restroom Building

MIDLAND, Va. – Easi-Set Industries introduces its newest product line in restroom buildings, the "Skyline" series.

The Skyline series is the latest addition to Easi-Set's phenomenally successful family of transportable precast concrete building restrooms. It is the largest of the restrooms and offers options including additional urinals and sinks and the flexibility to be customized to include features such as a concession stand, press box and storage, all within the same building. The "green-friendly" Skyline series is available in three standard sizes, 12' x 20', 20' x 24' and 24' x 30', making them ideal for larger parks and at school sports stadiums. The series features Easi-Set's all concrete post-tensioned concrete roof and floor systems.

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Smithsonian's National Zoo Chooses Easi-Set Buildings to House Cheetahs

MIDLAND, Va. – When officials at the Smithsonian’s National Zoological Park decided to build a new research facility for their cheetahs, they turned to Smith-Midland Corporation for a customized solution that met the project’s unique needs.

Smith-Midland began installation of nine Easi-Set Transportable Precast Concrete Buildings July 23 at the National Zoo’s 3,200-acre Conservation Research Center (CRC) in Front Royal, Va.  The mission of CRC’s program is the conservation of biodiversity through scientific research, professional training and environmental education.  Scientists there work to achieve three primary goals: saving wildlife, saving habitat and restoring species to the wild.  The facility houses between 30 and 40 endangered species at any given time, which can change from year to year, depending on research needs and recommendations from the Zoo and the conservation community.

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Easi-Set Industries Announces Annual Building Co-op Award Winners

MIDLAND, Va. – Officials at Easi-Set Industries announced the winners of the company’s annual building co-op awards program on Oct. 20.

The announcement was made during an awards dinner held during the company’s 22 st Annual Easi-Set / Easi-Span Building Producers Seminar, held Oct. 19-21 at the Embassy Suites Dulles North in Ashburn, Va.

Winners are: Smith-Midland Corp. of Midland for the highest sales volume of Easi-Set buildings and greatest number of Easi-Span buildings sold; AES Precast Company, Inc. of Northport, Ala., for the greatest number of Easi-Set buildings sold, and Hy-Grade Precast Concrete of St. Catharines, Ontario, for the most consistent increase in sales volume of Easi-Set buildings.

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