Smith-Midland to host Shingo Institute Continuous Improvement Work Shop

November 13, 2019 | Associate / Plant News

November 19th-21st, Smith-Midland Corporation will be hosting a Shingo Institute Workshop on the Lean Principals of Continuous Improvement at our plant in Midland, VA. Participants in the 3 day course will learn how to clearly define value through the eyes of their customers by identifying ideal behaviors and behavioral benchmarks as they relate to the principles of Continuous Improvement.

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Shingo Guiding Principles covered will include:

• Seek Perfection • Flow & Pull Value • Assure Quality at the Source • Focus on Process • Embrace Scientific Thinking

The course will be taught by GBMP (Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership), a trusted leader in Six Sigma, Lean, and Shingo training and the most experienced licensed affiliate of the Shingo Institute.

“The Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership (GBMP) has been our trusted partner in guiding us along the Lean journey. Their expertise in the field of continuous improvement and the Toyota Production System has greatly increased our collective knowledge base. Working together, we are providing a fertile ground for Raytheon’s culture of Total Employee Engagement to accelerate business growth.” – Ken Veduccio, Fmr. Director of Manufacturing, Raytheon

GBMP’s training opportunities are the perfect way to learn the knowledge, confidence and tools to engage in your Lean initiative and to benchmark with others. Time will be spent on the “shop-floor” applying tools and countermeasures, allowing students to get hands-on practice, enforcing their knowledge, creativity and confidence in applying them in your processes.

This course is just one of many the initiatives and tools that Smith-Midland employs to further its commitment to a Lean Manufacturing culture, benefiting our associates and our customers.–registration.html

Alan Pritchard, Plant Manager & Continuous Improvement Team Member