Precast Concrete Agricultural Products That Deliver

July 27, 2015 | Associate / Plant News

Smith Midland feed bunks

For many who work in the agricultural industry, success often depends on the proper care of livestock. To meet these needs, the industry requires safe, sturdy, and easily deployable equipment. Smith-Midland’s production excellence is based on a thorough understanding of precast concrete technology. And, with decades of experience in the agricultural industry, Smith-Midland offers a wide variety of products especially designed for industry-specific needs. Smith-Midland agricultural products are durable, off quick setup, safe for livestock, and have been deployed in 40 states.

When caring for livestock, details count. Even the smallest failures can lead to big problems. So people in the agricultural business need reliable equipment. Take Daniel, a large cattle farm owner in Virginia. Daniel’s work makes him responsible for the care of literally thousands of animals—each representing a vital investment for him and his livelihood. A few years ago, the state expanded the highway to run along the border of Daniel’s land, rendering his old fence no longer adequate to hold his livestock. Daniel suddenly found himself in urgent need of a cattle guard to prevent livestock from moving out onto on the highway—a potentially disastrous scenario. Smith-Midland products provide a quick and easy solution for such situations. They have installed precast cattle guards over 20,000 times in 40 states over the past 30 years. Smith-Midland’s large inventory means quick delivery on Daniel’s order. Even better, Smith-Midland’s cattle guards usually only take a few hours to install. Aside from precast cattle guards, Smith-Midland has four other agricultural products:

Livestock Water Tough – Approved by the NRCS (formerly the Soil Conservation Service), these are now being used by farmers who are developing water supplies with the cooperation of conservation offices throughout the USA. These tanks have been found ideal by breeders of thoroughbred horses in paddocks and as general water suppliers for entire farms.

Concrete Feed Bunks – These concrete bunks pay for themselves with labor savings and increased efficiency due to their construction from high quality, 5,000 PSI concrete.

Crop and Manure Storage – Durability, efficiency, and economy are combined in this steel-reinforced, precast concrete Bunker Crop Storage System. These convenient, freestanding 12’ high x 8’ wide sections can be arranged to accommodate any available space.

Automatic Cattle Waterer – Automatic Freeze-Proof Waterer – Special swirl action keeps 100 gallons of ice-free water available at even sub-zero temperatures, keeping the water at 45 degrees. No energy needed. The Freeze-Proof waterer requires little maintenance and is easily installed.

Smith-Midland supplies the best products for your agricultural business. They carry a large inventory of products that can be quickly delivered and installed. If you are in the agriculture business then you rely on your animals, so choose the best products for the job.

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