Smith-Midland Introduces Latest Sound-Absorptive Technology

February 26, 2009 | Associate / Plant News

Highway Sound Wall

MIDLAND, Va. – Smith-Midland Corporation has announced the introduction of SoftSound to its Easi-Set Industries product line. The latest sound-absorptive technology for use in highway noise walls, SoftSound is a proprietary composition that is molded and compressed to suit the desired technical and aesthetic requirements of the customer. By combining special aggregates with cement as a binder in a specific and exacting process, SoftSound creates a material that surpasses any other combination of durability, acoustics, thermal, strength and moldability.

SoftSound, currently being used in the Commonwealth of Virginia, is a fully-tested, porous, lightweight material averaging 36 pounds per cubic foot. It is durable under all weather conditions, environmentally friendly, and 100% recyclable. It is resistant to rot, decay, mildew and mold buildup, insect nesting, vermin, termites, and combustion.

Sound Wall at GaylordAccording to Matthew Smith, VP, Sales and Marketing for Smith-Midland, “SoftSound is our latest technological development, keeping Smith-Midland Corporation/Easi-Set on the leading edge with new products and applications. As a result of our extensive research and development, SoftSound provides customers with one of the most durable sound absorptive concrete products available in the market. We are ready to share this new technology with other precasters worldwide through Easi-Set Industries, our licensing subsidiary.”

Easi-Set is currently submitting SoftSound for approval in all fifty states, Canadian provinces and Mexico.

Smith-Midland Corporation is a publicly traded company (OTC BB: SMID, SMIWC; Boston Stock Exchange: SMM, SMM/W). Smith-Midland develops, manufactures and sells a broad array of precast concrete products for use primarily in the construction, transportation and utilities industries. Smith-Midland has two manufacturing facilities located in Midland, VA and Reidsville, NC. Easi-Set Industries, a wholly owned subsidiary of Smith-Midland Corporation, licenses the production of proprietary precast concrete products worldwide. For more information please call (540) 439-3266 or visit

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