J-J Hooks barriers result in time savings for Michigan highway project

August 15, 2007 | J-J Hooks


MIDLAND, Va. – Kerkstra Precast, manufacturer of the J-J Hooks barrier connection system, recently provided more than 7 miles of its precast concrete barriers to AJAx Paving Company for use at a major highway project in along US 131 in Kent County, Mich.

AJAx expected the barrier installation to take 5 days, but due to the ease of use of the J-J Hooks connections, the task took only 3 days.  According to AJAx officials, they like to set 4,000 feet of regular road barrier on a typical day with one crew.  However, with the use of Kerkstra’s J-J Hooks barriers, crews were able to set, a record-breaking 7,000 feet of barrier the first day.

“We’re extremely happy with Kerkstra Precast’s road barrier with J-J Hooks connections.  We wish we would have found these years ago,” said Joe Stevens of AJAx.  “They are much quicker and easier to work with.  These barriers are safer as well; there is no reason for our guys to have their hands and fingers in the way since there is no loose hardware to put in place, which prevents many injuries.” The J-J Hooks barrier connection system has been crash tested to National Cooperative Highway Research Program 350 Standards.  Self-aligning, identical ended J-J Hooks connectors allow for quick, easy installation of the barrier.  There is no loose hardware, permitting a single
section to be easily removed without disturbing adjacent sections and eliminating the possibility of lost, stolen or damaged parts.  This is important for easy emergency access and protection against tampering and vandalism.  J-J Hooks can be used as a temporary or permanent barrier system.  For more information, visit http://www.jjhooks.com.

Easi-Set Industries, a wholly owned subsidiary of Smith-Midland Corporation, licenses the production of precast concrete products around the world. For more information on licencing opportunities for the J-J Hooks barrier connection system or other precast concrete products, please call (540) 439-8911 or visit http://www.easiset.com.  

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