SlenderWall Makes International Debut at Mexican Church

July 13, 2007 | Architectural Products

MIDLAND, Va. – Opticretos S.A., manufacturer of the SlenderWall architectural precast concrete panel system, has recently completed the first phase of a project in Mexico using SlenderWall Outside of the United States for the first time.

Located in the city of Monterrey, the church, Castillo del Rey, Congregación Brisas, is constructing a new complex in two phases.  With a unique design conceptualized by architect Irma Posadas, construction-in-charge architect Wendy Girón and Pastor Sergio Chapa, the structure will be approximately 55 feet tall and will include a parking garage.  The complex also houses a private bilingual Christian school, Colegio Maranatha, during the week.

Phase one, which has already been completed, features 130 SlenderWall panels that are beige and chocolate in color and have an acid-wash finish.  The unique features of SlenderWall were critical in allowing the structure to be completed in time to host a nation-wide women’s congress at the church.

“Thanks to the light weight of SlenderWall, the panels were erected on time and the church was able to host the women’s congress successfully,” says Opticretos Owner and Director Jesús Eduardo González Rendón.

The second phase, which is currently underway, will include approximately the same number of panels and will increase seating in the auditorium from 1,500 to 3,800.

“The light weight of SlenderWall allowed us to use a Lesser amount of steel structure in the church, as well as smaller footings,” says González.  “This represents a cost savings in the superstructure.”

The high-profile nature of the project has sparked further interest in the benefits of SlenderWall in Monterrey.  González has recently signed contracts to provide SlenderWall panels for two additional projects in the city, Torre Novo, a 10-story office building project, and Torre AVE, a 26-story medical building. 

Additionally, he is able to provide SlenderWall for use at projects throughout the southern United States.  According to González, it is very economical to ship panels to the U.S. because of the lightweight nature of the product; approximately 1,500 square feet of façade can be shipped on one trailer load.

SlenderWall combines time-proven components to create a permanent, light weight wall system for both new construction and recladding projects. Architectural precast
concrete, insulated Nelson anchors and heavy-gauge stainless or galvanized steel studs create a single, efficient exterior wall system with unlimited design freedom. Due to the exclusive Lift-and-Release panel landing system of SlenderWall, installation time and costs can be reduced by 50 percent.

Only SlenderWall offers the latest DuraFlex 360°™ technology. This technology is the only 2” wall connection system that meets AAMA 501.4-2000, the Interstory Differential Movement vertical and horizontal displacement test. DuraFlex 360°™ allows isolation from the exterior precast concrete skin and the structural stresses associated with wind loading, steel frame movement, expansion & contraction and seismic shock.

Opticretos S.A. is a company created by the SOCSA group and is the only company in Mexico licensed by Easi-Set Industries to manufacture the SlenderWall architectural precast concrete panel system. It operates its precast plant in Monterrey, Mexico, serving Mexico and the southwest United States.  For more information about Opticretos S.A. please visit or call (52) For additional information about the SlenderWall architectural precast concrete panel system, visit

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