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Concrete Feed Bunks

Concrete Feed Bunks are Strong and Maintenance Free

Easi-Licking Cattle Feed Bunks
Smoother, contoured, hard-finished surfaces protect against feed sticking and spoiling.

Centerline Feed Bunk

Highest quality 5,000 PSI concrete assures you of years of maintenance free service and lowest overall cost. Easi-Licking Feed Bunks are more resistant to surface damage from acids in ensilage.

These concrete bunks pay for themselves with labor savings and increased efficiency. Livestock will clean up these smooth monolithic precast concrete bunks better than other types and produce more beef and milk for you.

Pictures right and below: Centerline Feed Bunk

Centerline Feed Bunk

Fenceline Feed Bunk

Fenceline Feed Bunk Pictures above and left: Fenceline Feedbunk








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