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Automatic Cattle Waterer

Automatic Freeze-proof Waterer

Durable Precast Concrete Cattle Waterer

Automatic Freeze-Proof Waterer
No energy needed - special swirl action keeps 100 gallons of ice-free water available even at
sub-zero temperatures. Keeps water at 45 degree even at zero degree weather.

We consulted Soil Conservation Service personnel before designing this tank. The Freeze-Proof Waterer requires little maintenance and is easily installed. There are two water lines to hook up (inlet and drain). This waterer is suited for pond or spring development projects and pressure-fed systems. The combination of partially burying the tank and using the energy provides freeze-proof water at sub-freezing temperatures. The tank is easily cleaned by removing the standpipe and draining the tank.

Freeze-proof watererLivestock Waterer
Pics left to right: Suggested Installation in Barn & Feed Lots, Suggested Installation in Pond Dam

Bottom Thickness 4 inches
Weight 2,600 pounds
Height 24 inches
Length 6 feet
Width 30 inches
Tapered Sidewall Thickness 4 inches
Steel Reinforcing 85 feet ½ inch reinforcing rod
Drain and Inlet 2 inch standard pipe