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Easi-Set/Easi-Span Buildings

Easi-Set® Buildings are North America’s MOST complete lineup of DURABLE all precast concrete buildings. For years the Easi-Set® and Easi-Span Buildings have led the industry as the precast buildings of choice. Each one, from the smallest standard size to the maximum EASI -SPAN size, is manufactured with high-strength, steel-reinforced precast concrete, including the roof and floor systems which are pre-stressed or post-tensioned to provide extra strength and ensure water-tightness.

Easi-Set Buildings are installed in a day and require no foundation. Easi-Set Buildings are available for a wide variety of uses: Storage, Pump Buildings, Power Substations, Communications Housing, Utilities, HazMat Storage, Restrooms (wet and dry), Concession Stands, Classrooms, and many other standard and custom a Applications. Where larger buildings are required, Easi-Span Roofs provide clear spans in sizes up to 50' x 250' x 35'.

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Smith Columbia Easley High School athletic field Easi Set precast concrete restroom