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J-J Hooks Concrete Traffic Barrier

Smith-Midland manufactures, sells and rents thousands of feet of safety and security precast concrete barrier to meet your immediate needs. Installation crews and equipment are ready to start setting your barrier right away. More than one mile of barrier can be installed in 8 hours. We install highway safety barrier, security barrier, barrier with security fence, and J-J Hooks planters for all your temporary and permanent requirements. For more information download the J-J Hooks Brochure or visit

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For information on rental barrier visit our rental division, Concrete Safety Systems.

Smith Midland freestanding j j hooks

  1. Standard free-standing MASH TL3 and NCHRP-350 barrier for highway and street construction projects. Bolt-down and Pin-down MASH TL3 barrier for bridges and specialized road project.
  2. Protecting utility plants, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, government installations, and city streets. Control vehicular and pedestrian traffic for major events, conferences, and concerts.
  3. Temporary security using J-J Hooks security fence to provide a higher level of security than any other temporary measure.
  4. Close off potentially dangerous areas such as foundations, propane tanks,
    excavated areas, damaged guardrails, and damaged bridges.
  5. Standard J-J Hooks barrier sections can be delivered from stock on short notice.
    Additionally, the sections can be modified to include a top-mounted security fence.

Smith Midland J J Hooks culpeper mash route 29

The J-J Hooks connection consists of two identical steel J-shaped hooks, which are cast into the barrier, creating a continuous steel connection. To attach the barrier ends, one barrier is lowered vertically next to an adjacent barrier. With minimal guidance, the self-aligning connection automatically “hooks” into place. Workers don’t need to endanger their hands by having them in between barriers during the connection process. The NCHRP 350 and MASH barrier designs connect directly to each other.

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  • Event Crowd Control
  • MASH Testing